About Us

Above all, we are a family business, investing in our work all our love and passion for Greek Olive Oil.

Athanasios Vavliakis

About Us

Our company is housed in a privately owned area within a plot of 5,500 sq.m. total area of 550 sq.m. , located at the 9th km of the Volos-Larissa highway. Formulates and resells Extra Virgin Olive Oil, olive oil, pomace oil and seed oils. The oils are stored in stainless steel tanks, which ensure their perfect maintenance. Standardization is done in glass bottles, plastic packaging and metal containers from 0.25L to 10L. Our products are also available in bulk form. Our company has all the guarantees that certify the quality of its products, such as HACCP, and the EL mark with code EL 40295 from the Ministry of Agriculture, which certifies the origin (Greek), the quality and production standards of the Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil . Also, our company carries out continuous olive oil quality checks with our own quality control machines located in our facilities.

Goals - Ideology

The aim of the company is the dynamic expansion abroad and the dissemination of the highest quality of Greek Olive Oil, with the aim of recognizing it as "excellent" and "unique" compared to products from other producing countries.

Our History

From our roots to today

Our company has its roots in the beginning of the 20th century (1905), when the original founder of Fondas Basdekis, originally from Smyrna in Asia Minor, started packing and reselling olive oils in the wider area of Volos.

In 1998, the company was taken over by Athanasios Vavliakis, a qualified chemist from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, expanding it into a standardized unit of pan-Hellenic scope, which, evolving and improving continuously, spreads and extends its upward trajectory beyond the borders of the country.

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